What do we offer to business partners?

We offer our partners a reliable service which has been successfully proven by many companies of various sizes. Our portfolio includes modern products without chemical preservation. Our sales representative will be happy to introduce them to you in person.

Transport by renowned transport companies

Transport by renowned transport companies

Using our own structure of partner companies, we ensure regular distribution of goods at the required time and prescribed temperature directly to hands of our customers.

Modern storage facilities and packaging lines

Modern storage facilities and packaging lines

Modern packaging lines and computer-controlled storage areas, which guarantees the maintenance of a constant temperature, thus ensuring optimal conditions for a constant supply of goods.

quality control

Quality control according to the HACCP system

We work in the quality management mode according to the HACCP system. The final product is monitored throughout the production process by taking samples and then analyzing them in laboratories.

Čerstvá kvasená kapusta od firmy andaco

Do you know the effects of fermented cabbage?

Did you know that a little fermented cabbage every day is a immunity booster? Sauerkraut will help you fight the worst diseases our civilization has known.

  • Supports immunity
  • Improves digestion
  • Helps lose weight
  • Promotes stress reduction
  • Prevents cancer
  • Conducive for the bones
  • Supports the heart functions
When buying fermented cabbage, you must pay attention to the right choice of manufacturer. The cabbage from Andaco has maintained a high level of quality for many years, which is why I use it for cooking too.
Martin Kovarsky
Šéf kuchár Martin Kovarsky o kvasenej kapuste od firmy andaco